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Used for Direct Sales, Channel Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Training & Corporate Communications

. . . to learn how the VMC improves sales,
marketing and training effectiveness today!

Sales enablement

“The Video Marketing Center allows you to control your sales, marketing and training voice through your communications supply chain seamlessly.”


The Video Marketing Center is a platform created by Access Mobility 24, Inc. The Video Marketing Center (VMC) is the latest example of how our team has developed a solution to connect the communication dots within complicated and fragmented supply chains using video as the primary driver to help companies control their sales, marketing and training messages from a single platform.

The platform allows for a user to select an unlimited number of videos to send to a prospect, customer or internal audience.  Its fast and easy to create and distribute an unlimited number of video campaigns  and it comes with deep analytics on how many times each of your videos have been watched. It truly is a comprehensive platform. In a world of COVID with reduced travel, smaller sales teams, this is the most comprehensive solution on the market to help companies deliver a scalable consistent message to their intended audiences.

VMC Build

How It Works

#1 – Your account is set up

#2 – Admin loads videos that your users can distribute
• Each video has up to 4 pieces of collateral and or links associated to it
• You can also add a quiz or the ability to download a White Paper at the end of each video

#3 – Admin also has the option to load partner branding
• This allows the user when creating a campaign to add a partner logo to each campaign created. This typically is used when creating campaigns for distributor partners.

What Users Do

  1. Users have to register and are approved for access to the VMC by the administrator.
  2. User names their campaign.
  3. User selects a number of videos from the centralized library of videos that they want to distribute. If a quiz or white paper is associated with a particular video they can enable this feature simply by checking the box.
  4. User then selects their branding or co-branding which will be the company branding or partner co-branding.
  5. User hits publish — at this point they will have dynamically generated a multi-media player on the fly where they can:
    • Preview the campaign
    • Cut and paste a link to the campaign
    • Cut and paste the HTML5 code to the campaign to add to a website
  6. After distribution, the team can review the analytics by campaign or by user.

Value Video Marketing Center

Consistent Message

Video allows you to deliver a consistent message across all audiences.

Easily Send Videos

The ability to easily send multiple videos with our system takes it to the next level and is fast and easy.

Dynamic & On-Demand

Not dependent upon a webinar; customized for each audience on the fly!

Add to Website or Newsletter

All campaigns generate embed code, making it easy to distribute your messaging.

Deep Analytics

Know which products and services your customers care about by tracking the results by campaign.

Wildly Efficient

Drives sales, increase training effectiveness, reduce marketing cost — be more efficient!

Video Production

Video Production professional services available

If you do not have video, let us help you. We have very affordable video production services. We produce simple to complex. From whiteboard videos, to Voice Over on images, to simple animations, to lights-camera-action!